CAST 2017



CRISTIAN PROA (México) was the creator of the “1910 film show”. His work as a film director, teacher and screenwriter, has led him to present his work in various countries such as France, Austria, China, Portugal, Chile and United States among others. He currently resides in Miami where he actively presents his work in spaces such as Miami Hispanic Cultural, Arts Center, Koubek Center, Art Basel and O’ Cinema. Cristian is working on the production of two films, “Into the Silence and Blind, in addition to touring various spaces in Florida with his Trilogy of consciousness, a compendium of shortfilms with which the filmmaker has been winner of the Orlando Film Festival.


CARLA FORTE (Venezuela) is a film director, scriptwriter and performer. Forte is the founder and Executive Director of Bistoury Physical Theatre and Film. Selected as a Berlinale Talent 2017, Carla has directed internationally featured Video-Art works such as Interrupta, Official Selection at 27th Festival Les Instants Vidéo 2014. Her cinematographic work includes the Feature Film ANN, Official Selection 41th Atlanta Film Festival 2016.; the documentary The Holders, which World Premiered at the 32th Miami International Film Festival 2015; Short films Imaginarium and Reset selected for Cannes film festival’s Short Film Corner; as well as the feature film Urban Stories, Winner of Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography and Best Feature Film at Bootleg Film Festival in Toronto; and Honorable Mention at both Los Angeles Movie Awards and Lucerne International Film Festival, Switzerland.


JONATHAN DE CAMPS (Puerto Rico) was raised in the Dominican Republic, and brought up with the rich culture and beautiful scenery of the Caribbean. Jonathan’s lifelong interest in narrative imagery in films, paintings and photography led him to pursue a BA in Advertisement in 2008.  In 2009, he moved to South Florida to broaden his horizons in the visual arts. In 2013, he earned an MFA in Visual Arts from the Miami International University of Art and Design. Today, Jonathan continues to work with staged narrative stories through documentary photography about immigrant communities and urban lifestyles.


KENNETH O’BRIAN (Perú) studied Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia at the Toulouse Lautrec School in Lima. In 2001 he moved to Miami to join Pigeon Productions. In 2006 he founded Filmiko, with which he produces and directs in various formats. In 2007 Kenneth rolls its first film Duels of catwalk and the shortfilm Behind My Eyes, standing out in several international festivals. Nominated for a Latin Grammy ™ 2012 Award in the category “Best Music video”. He is currently developing his new documentary The Cusco Project. A symphonic journey through the Andes.




PEDRO MEDINA LEÓN (Perú) is the author of the books Streets of Miami, Mañana no te veré en Miami, Lado B and Varsovia and the editor of the anthologies Viaje One Way and Miami (Un) plugged. He is also editor and director of the cultural portal and publishing house Suburbano Ediciones and a contributing columnist in El Nuevo Herald. As Cultural Manager, he has created the programs Escribe Aquí (Betsy Hotel, 2015), CuentoMania (Books & Books, 2016), Pido la Palabra (2017) and The Miami Film Machine (2017). Pedro studied Literature (Florida International University).



XALBADOR GARCÍA (México) holds a Doctorate in Hispanic American Literature from El Colegio de San Luis (México). He is the author of Paredón Nocturno (UAEM, 2004) and The Island of Ulises (Porrúa, 2014), and co-author of The Anti-Anonic Plot. Essays on Rafael Bernal (Tierra Adentro Editorial Fund, 2015). He has published the critical editions of The Champion, by Antonio M. Abad (Instituto Cervantes, 2013) and Bohemia de la muerte, by Julio Sesto (Colsan, 2015). He currently provides editorial advice for Tusquets Editores, Grupo Planeta, and is a professor at the University of Miami. It is part of the SEd Group since 2016.


HERNÁN VERA ÁLVAREZ (Argentina) sometimes just known as Vera, was born in Buenos Aires in 1977. He is a writer and a cartoonist. He has published the books of stories, Una extrana felicidad (llamada América), Grand Nocturno, and a comic book, La gente no puede vivir sin problemas! Much of his work has been featured in magazines and newspapers in the United States and in Latin America: El Nuevo Herald, Meansheets, Loft Magazine, El Sentinel, Nagari, Sea-Latino, TintaFrescaUS, La Nación, and Clarín. He lived in the United States for eight years as an illegal immigrant, working in the shipyards, in the kitchen of a nightclub, in discotheques, and in construction.

GASTÓN VIRKEL (Argentina) is a writer and screenwriter. His work have been published in anthologies such as Pasajeros en Arcadia (Marcelo Di Marco), Viaje One Way and Miami Unplugged. In 2017 he published Cuentos Atravesados, his first book of short stories. He has written and directed Knees, his first feature film, in addition to numerous short films. In TV he has worked for brands like MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount, Boomerang / Turner, E! Entertainment, among others. He regularly publishes articles in where he is also responsible for brand image and social networks.